Dec 28, 2018

Buyer Bewar

Bought the British Belt and quality was not as expected. Massdrop will do nothing about this. Customer Service is awful. Do not purchase from this company unless you have money to waste.

ya and they deleted my post about not letting someone make returns.. not good. I bet yours gets nuked also..
@lisas I've made returns with MassDrop before. One for a knife which had a slight flaw and the offered me three options: exchange, partial refund & I keep the knife, or full refund with return. I've had other instances before where they have given me credit, or sent me goodies in the mail just because. Have personally only had wonderful experience with MassDrop. Will say that there can be some kerfunkles in the MechKeys community sometimes as that is a very volatile community between it's creators and very picky consumers. plus, products goes through many hands in that community before it meets the enduser. Anyway, I cannot personally support this "buyer beware." I disregard. (edit for type-o "has" vs "had.")