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The ol' reliables

Have you ever found yourself falling back to an old set of headphones or speakers? The ones that no matter what new ones you try on and get comfortable with, they just don't appeal quite like the old ones? For me, every headphone I have purchased has been an upgrade, but I find myself stuck on the Status Audio OB-1's. I just wanted to know if I'm stuck in a rut alone or if someone out there feels my pain. (I will admit, it makes this hobby easier on the wallet!)

I also have the HE500, it's the best ban for buck you are going to find, or a T1. You can't go wrong with either, I still prefer the he500. i have both
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I had an Audeze deckard but found it to, like you said, make the highs harsh.
ive found my Mac output puts out a warmer sound. It actually gives a bit more low end. they sound fantastic this way, and I care more about that than anything else.
Thanks for the info, always curious what other owners are using for various headphones. I've been quite surprised by some devices ability (LG v20 is definitely in that camp).
I love my Sony MDR-V6. They sound just like the day I bought them, I can't even remember how long ago that was. They weren't even expensive.
How do they fare for closed backs? I've never owned a pair of good closed backs ever since I switched from my cheap headset.
They are good for the price imo. They are on the neutral side, not bass heavy like most cheaper cans. I have had friends that said they were harsh. So personal preference of course is huge.
I am not an audiophile, just a nerd who games, loves music, and collects vinyl.
ye because they don't make them like they used to. Earlier, sugar used to be sweeter, and salt a lot more saltier. And remember that boiling hot water?!
So I should be looking for a set of vintage cans eh?
Sennheiser HD600. No contest.
I just ordered a pair of HD 650's so I'm excited to see how they compare!
It could just be the perfect pair of headphones that meets your preferences. I haven't had to move or upgrade past my HE-500 for the last 5 years as it is the closest to my preferences and I have demo'd and bought many different headphones.
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Well it looks like I know what I'll be saving for next! Do you think a Little Dot MKii with upgraded tubes will be enough power to run them?
I think the little dot is an OTL amp so it tends to do better with high impedance headphones. HE500 is 38ohms but on the spec sheet for little dot it says 32-600 so it will work but I can't say how well as I don't have the amp. Maybe someone here can help out with that question.