Dec 31, 2018288 views

Fostex Massdrop Tx0 & T50RP MOD

Just Uploaded our modding video on our patreon. Stay tuned for when it gets public on our channel ! Channel: Excited to share this one with the massdrop community. Please feel free to share your own version of the mods for the Tx0 or the T50RP Below ! Shameless plug: PATREON: Help us reach our goal and get access to our videos before the rest of the world. as well as exclusive funny and informative videos just for patreons. latest video on patreon:


Avi.S, Dxter, and 4 others

How does this mod compare to the T60RP, Argon, Mayflower, Dekoni Blue, etc?
Would be nice if massdrop released these again soon. Not sure that is going to happen though.
Oh I can't wait for this one