Story of Space65 by Gray Studio

Posting on behalf of Team Gray SPACE65 was inspired by two things significant to me that happened in 1977: the Space Probe Voyager 1 and the Personal Computer Apple II. It has been almost a year as I work on this Space65 project.  Although the front-end side has been designed since the beginning (after all, Apple II was the inspiration), lots of details have changed and been fine-tuned. In order to make the bottom feel like Voyager 1, to resemble the airless and emptiness in the space... I have been deliberating on the bottom design, with the objective that Space65 looks concise and integrated, removing the weight and blocking the screw position. Fortunately, the final result is nearly perfect (after all, perfection is always the next time), and I feel very proud of this product. To put things into perspective, when I was young, my father showed me a picture of the famous "Dark Blue Spot" taken by Voyager 1, 6.4 billion kilometers away from the earth.  I recall, it was a really small picture.  I was so young then, and tried to find the earth for a long time, until he said, "You see, this little dot is actually the earth." Fast forward more than 20 years, now I have grown up, every time tried to catch that moment in my memory lane, I tremble, thinking that how little the earth is, and how little we are.  Now I can understand that the earth was as small as a speckle of dust in the universe, I am more impressed by the perseverance and bravery of Voyager 1. To pay tribute to Voyager 1, I designed an RGB light band on the left side of Space65.  When the power is switched on, it will shine in that inconspicuous position, like the sparkle of Voyager 1. 【PS: Whenever I turn on Roger Zelazny’s science fiction "For a Breath I Tarry," I instantly think of Voyager 1. I would aspiringly hope that she will become a human being by exploring and learning, just like Frost, the protagonist in the book.】 Those are my personal stories that inspired the concept and design of Space65. Let's take a look at it now. PICTURE GALLERY: Group Buy is currently live on Geekhack.

May 6, 2020
Is there a chance that there'll be another one somewhen?
Dec 31, 2018
I picked one up this morning and, as someone who feels chronic buyers remorse, I dont regret it for a second. grey studio makes amazing keyboards and anyone who is in the market for a new 65% layout should check this out!
Jan 1, 2019
Hey, I'm there with you. I work hard, and I like nice things (:
Jan 1, 2019