Dec 31, 201865 views

Is there an update on the QC or build quality on the HE-4XX?

Did massdrop fix the issues? Thats the only thing refraining me from getting them. I just cant afford sending them for return and paying for shipping multiple times. Please help.

Ultimately its a Hi-fi man product so I don't know what you can expect beyond that, they arent known for their QC
The first picture was taken in July of this year. They used steel brackets that attach to the composite plastic cups with splined hardware. If you look closely at the hole, there is no spline damage, meaning these never got pressed in. As an engineer, I do no recommend this design. Massdrop CS did a great job and got me another pair
Alright. But. How do you have 2 pairs?
Massdrop sent a replacement. Then the damaged pair was returned
It's not bad; most companies that have had QC issues have gone a ways to right that ship (Audeze has been pretty rock-solid since 2016). I know anecdotal evidence counts for s***, but a friend of mine had his for 2 years. No problems. Only concern really is the plastic adjustment blocks, which look and feel like they can break if mishandled.