Jan 1, 2019

Baking Percentage

How necessary is it to use baking percentages while baking bread etc? Does anybody have any tips or tricks when using baking percentages?

Bakers percentages, based on everything as a ratio to the main ingredient (usually flour) make it easier to scale batch size but also to make adjustments to a single ingredient in recipes. For example, a classic lean dough is 68-2-2. 1kg flour, .680 water, 20g both fresh yeast and salt. If the salt in the bread contributes too much to cumulative salt in the meal, can always back off on it. I’m sensitive to overall salt so I usually run my lean doughs at 1.6. Any less It tastes like cardboard ass.
Baker's percentages are just another way to write a recipe. The key is having the right ratio of ingredients, preferably by weight rather than volume. Whether you get this from a traditional recipe (10 oz. flour, 5 oz. water, etc.) or in percentages (100% flour, 50% water) is simply a matter of preference. The percentages make it easier to scale the recipe to any size; the absolute measures make it easier to make a single batch.