Jun 3, 2017

Direct Action Products?

I am a big fan of the Direct Action line of backpacks. Anyone else interested in a drop of their products?
QUAN7 and Antibacterial

I carry the Dragon Egg Mk II to work with me every day. It's a great pack that was probably not meant to hold a full size laptop, but does the job anyway. I just wish DA made some pouches to match their Olive Green color.
Ive heard theyre a great make of pack ...but less heard if since theyre out of Europe....... out of Poland maybe ....along with Helikon... They were the first brand I saw that had laser cut molle panels ....which a lot of brands are now emulating. They also use rocking camo patterns like Pencott or Polish woodland ....
I reckon a milspec Monkey drop might be a goer with Int massroppers....