Headphones Types:Do You Know Them Clearly?

Headphone, sometimes referred to as earphones were invented by Nathaniel Baldwin in 1910. Headphones come in different shapes and styles. They are output device that are plug to your computer line out or to your speakers. Headphones enable you to listen to audio or watch movies without disturbing people around you. It allows the user to listen to any desired sound that the user wants to hear such as mix tape, music etc. Headphones come in various packages, majorly three

Supra-aural headphones This is a headphone that that sits on the ears. They are small and they are easy to carry about and this makes them portable headphones. For this type of headphone, their noise cancellation is not great because they don’t completely enclose the ear. Earbud headphone This is a headphone that goes inside the ears. They are the smallest of all headphones and they are the most portable. They fit practically anywhere. Their noise cancellation is very great, but they don’t enclose over the ears, therefore, they allow a great deal of ambient noise to enter the ear. Circumaural headphone This headphone has a large cups that fits completely into the ears of the user. Because they completely enclose the ear, they isolate the ears from surrounding sound and because they have a great noise cancellation from surrounding ambient noise. Therefore, a user can listen to his or her music, mix tape or recording tape with minimal external disturbance or noise. The limitation to circumaurals is that they are large and cumbersome. Another thing to know about headphone is whether it’s dynamic or planar magnet headphone, which one you prefer. You will know before the end of this article as you read through. Planar magnetic headphones vs dynamic headphone

Planar magnetic

Planar magnetic headphone is similar when it comes to principles with dynamic headphone. They have two magnets on either of the diaphragms that makes them vibrate. At the same time, they send electrical impulses to conductive materials that interact with the magnetic field within the driver. Planet magnetic headphone also offers different and better sound quality at the expense of energy consumption and size. Dynamic: They have the simplest drivers out of all the drivers’ types. They have a magnet that pulls on a coil attached to the diaphragm which is similar to ones in speaker cones. They are also the most important type of drivers, found in both budget and also high-end earphones. They are the best for casual and critical listeners. Can I connect wireless headphone to TV? The answer is YES.

How to go about that:
You can connect your wireless headphone to TV by Bluetooth
You can use an infrared wireless headphone
You can also use an RF wireless headphone. Conclusion Headphones are hardware device that you can plug into smartphone, computer or other devices to enable you to listen to your audio or video music privately without disturbing the people around you. If you feel I have left out any detail you need in this article that should appear here, kindly drop a comment below.


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