Do Amstrad 464 Caps Exist?

Hi. So - new to the whole MK deal here...wondered if there exists anything close to the colour side-keys of the Amstrad 464 and also the huge typeface for the QUERTY?

Failing that, I would settle for a deep-blue RETURN bar. Unfortunately I appreciate the difference in the RETURN shape means we can never replicate the shape - even the big ones now are L-shape. Are there places where they can make a colour on request per key?

I think the tape cassette controls would also make for great keys!

Just thought I'd ask. (I have a Corsiar STRAFE with the L-shaped RETURN and the awkward side-keys that standard 104's wont fit. Got it before I really understood the finer requirements of the scene.)

Thanks in advance for anyone who knows their stuff. Obviously I've been searching, but I tend to go off on tangents when I discover artisan keycaps and the like!

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Jul 5, 2017
TL;DR: Keep your eyes out on the various "group buy" sites. There's a new "custom" keycap drop about every 2 weeks or so here. Also, for the regular keys, it might be cheaper to just find a "stock" set of caps you like here or on aliexpress/amazon/eBay, and buy one in black and one in green.
The long reply:
If your keyboard has "normal"-width keys, that shouldn't be too hard to do (maybe except the tape controls).
WRT the color way, there are a few companies that sell individual keycaps ( and are the two that come to mind, but there are others). If they don't have what you're looking for, WASD (not sure about PMK) will make custom one-offs for you. I don't know what they charge for that, but since the only "custom " part would the color, I'd hope it wouldn't be much.
WRT to the tape keys, you can get "media keycaps" from at least one of those sites, but I don't think it had the "record" button. If your vendor uses dye-sublimation to print the keycaps, that's fine. The molds for double-shot keycaps are several thousand $$$ though, so if you go that route for the rest of your caps, be aware that if your vendor for the other caps is only offering double-shots, you'll probably have to source the record button from someone else. I mean, go ahead and ask anyway since they might just happen to already have a mold laying around that either matches the "•" (or is close enough), but be prepared to see a *very* big number for that particular key.
Speaking of different vendors and such, be aware that different companies make their keycaps in different shapes, or "profiles"... sometimes *really* different. The SA profile from Signature Plastics (Pimp My Keyboard is their outlet) is popular right now, but they'll stick out like ten sore thumbs if the rest of your keyboard's caps are OEM/Cherry, DSA, or some other profile. Here's a pic that shows a few of them side-on so you can see the differences:, but there are at least two profiles missing from that, "XDA" and "MT3" (, so keep that in mind. Although, come to think of it, having the "tape" keys all be a different profile from the regular keys might look cool. From the picture you posted, it almost looks like Amstrad did that anyway.
Finally, WRT to the large QWERTY typeface, dunno. I've never specifically looked for that, but I'd be surprised if *some* one didn't stock them. It seems like roughly half the drops we've had here recently had fairly large legends. I don't recall the last time one of the custom keycap sets had white-on-black, like in that picture, though. You might have better luck looking for a pre-made set for those.
Anyway, I hope that was helpful. I'm not the expert around here, but I'm always happy to share what I know :-)
Jul 5, 2017
You're welcome! I remembered you posted that you were new to this in some other discussion, so when I saw your post I thought I'd do my best to lay it all out for you :-)
Please post back what you learn, too! You never know how it might help someone else on down the road.
Jul 24, 2017
Thank you, I will.
My first keycap set is due to arrive soon, and from there it will be a case of custom individual keys to fit the odds-and-ends of my Razor keyboard (first time mech keyboard purchase - you live and learn!)
It's that next step that will be interesting. Looking at keyboard cases and keyboard configs, I can see a path forming with an entirely different keyboard template and the options it brings...!