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The Hornet Pocket Knife - Massdrop Worthy?

Hey Massdrop community, My name is Shan , with Tepe Designs. I wanted to test the water and see if the community would like to see my design offered via Massdrop. Therefore, I need your help so that the team here can make a sound decision on whether or not to consider this a viable offering. I am working on getting first production done now via Kickstarter, however, I would like to see the Hornet offered to a much larger following. The knife is being made by HE Knives in Guangdong province, (same place as Kizer, WE and Reate etc..). They have 20+ yrs experience and have worked on projects for other manufactures like Kershaw and Buck. Rest assured, they do excellent work and I wouldn't have spent the last 18 months preparing this with them for a poorly made product. Ultimately, I like to offer up one or more versions of the Hornet as follows: 1. D2 steel / black or orange G-10 handles 2. N690 steel / full Ti handles I leave it to you all, the Massdrop community, to decide if this appeals to you. Thanks in advance for your support and/or criticisms. -Shan Here are the features/specs to consider: Features:
  • N690 blade steel (Titanium version)
  • D2 blade steel (G10 version)
  • Ceramic ball-bearings
  • Chamfered handles
  • 3D machined titanium pocket clip provides secure, tip-up carry (version with Titanium handles). The G10 version comes with a stainless steel pocket clip.
  • Functional jimping on the thumb ramp for improved grip and control (even with gloves on)

Specs: Overall Length: 8"
  • Blade Length: 3.5"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.16"
  • Handle Length: 4.5"
  • Handle Thickness: .59"
  • Blade Material: N690 OR D2
  • Rockwell Hardness: 59-60 HRC
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Weight: 4.7 oz. (Titanium version) 4.2 oz. (G10 version)
  • Handle Material: 6AL4V Titanium or G10 with speed holes on both sides of the handles
  • Lock Type: Frame Lock with hardened lock-bar insert & over travel stop (titanium version) or Liner Lock (G10 version) 
  • Pocket Clip: Right-side, Tip-up Carry
  • Opening Mechanism: Thumb hole or flipper tab

Above: Size comparison



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my hot take: I like it. Having said that, your stainless handles look a little too slick for a guy with big hands, add some jimping. the textured scales look like they'll be fine, but the hardware doesn't look like it fits them well. That's not a great look. Also -- I'm not sure why you'd opt for N690 with a premium handle like titanium. A lot of people will want something like M390 or Elmax or high end Crucible or Carpenter steel if they're paying for titanium. N690 will resist corrosion better than D2 but otherwise it's something I struggle to differentiate from 440C in day to day use. it might cost more than D2 but I don't have more use for it. So if you bring the two choices you mention to market, I'd probably only be interested in the D2 version. If you want it to go over the top, build a retainer ring into that backspacer and drill holes so people can flip the clip to the other side. You now have a dual use karambit, which is straight up lit through the roof and instantly puts you into another market. Really, you should drill the holes to move the clip to the other side that even if you don't do the ring backspacer. I say this because your design has a good shape for that sort of addition and with the blade hole, your design can easily be modified for an Emerson style draw and deploy. Also, think of the left handed people, the sad sad left handed people who need a cool knife too.
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The updated photos look great. I want to know more about the ball clip. That's new. Tepe Designs had Two Sun build at least one of your knives, right? What was that like?
Thank you! That is a ceramic ball and is not really new. It is used by other manufacturers from Begg knives, Olamic, Fox Knives, and others. It makes getting the knife in and out if pocket smooth and adds a nice aesthetic look. Yes. I currently have two design collaborations with TwoSun Knives. The TS128 Dynamo and TS134 Shockwave, and working on one more now called the Vortex (TS180). The process for me has been great. It takes time, but they worked closely with me to make sure the final product reflects what I intended. They do excellent work and are really stepping up their game. Other designers on their brand are also great and pretty supportive. NightMorning and Wong Design are really cool dudes and will typically will help kickoff a new design to the market by showcasing it on their IG feeds. Check them out and see for yourself.👍
Yeah it's definitely got visual appeal and if it's functional as it's look we are good to go
Me to!
Handsome knife. I'm in!
Really nice looking knife. I would purchase. A finger choil is only thing I would change
Thanks for your feedback!
I just received my crux,my gent and I even threw in a boker urban plus. I am on a knife lover's honeymoon .Which as we know waiting is a huge deal and I've been spinning since December and later to get my hands on these thankfully I am happy
Welcome to the "rabbit hole"... All great EDC's.👍
It's a pretty design, like a hybrid between a Clyde Challenor and a Gavko maybe.
Beautiful ! Getting tired of overpriced dinky blade knives.
Much appreciated.
I love the orange, my favorite color.. Nice looking knifes... All the way around..
Thank you!
This looks neat! The hardware on the G10 model doesn't look flush though
Thanks Eric! Not to worry. The hardware will be flush. The shot shown is not the final assembly. Shan