Jan 10, 2019

Where is my package?

I've been tracking my Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee headphones for the past 3 weeks. According to the DHL tracking site, a courier came to my door today, found no one home, and left a card. The exact message said "No one home, card left" The problem is, I have been home all day, waiting eagerly for my package, and they left no card! I've contacted Massdrop through their contact form. I also tried to navigate DHL's confusing phone service with no luck so far. (Apparently I'm waiting for an agent, for over an hour...). I just want some answers, since this is a first for me. So my questions. Was my package delivered to the wrong address? Was it delivered at all? Where is this so called "card"? Should I be worried? What do I do next? Sorry for all the questions :P If anyone has any info, please let me know!

I am tracking my first shipment of HD6XX headphones having received a notice from DHL on Sat., now Wed. found that DHL has not even received the package from Massdrop. Very disappointed it takes so long to just put a label on a package and will have to wait god knows how long it passes the Canadian border brokerage and arrive in Toronto area by Canada Post delivery? I anticipate it will take the full 3 weeks for what is basically a few hours drive. Will hold off further purchases until I see how this plays out.
Massdrop said the normal delivery time from USA to Canada was 1-3 weeks. So they aren't off by much. But yes, sometimes you wonder...
I see you've already submitted a Support ticket. It would be best to wait for a reply from our Support team.
Thank you jxliu :) I am looking forward to a response. I'm just seeing if there is any more actions I can take in the meantime.