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Sacrilege Question

can artist grade acrylics be used in fountain pens? I've found, in my light studies, that many metallic inks are already diluted versions of acrylics, so this does not seem to be a complex process, I have more fear of adverse effects to the pen. I am asking because I am doing a painted peice and have been unable to get the contrast on white paper with traditional inks in the inked outline. my plan is to use a diluted version of Stuart Temple's black 2.0 paint. the pen I am working with is a lamy safari ef for prototyping and, should this prove successful, a lamy 2000 ef. In my preliminary explorations, it seems theoretically doable, but I wanted to see if anyone has experience in the matter before I went off and did it myself.

okay, follow up question: what is the blackest, mattest ink you guys know?
India ink in various dip nibs--- flexy, italic, multiple line producing, is a gas. Dip nibs do amazing things, and India ink has wonderful qualities. But it's nasty stuff. Enjoy but be careful, don't spill, clean up carefully.
Use them with a dip pen such as Speedball nibs. Do not put in a fountain pen.
No no no! Never put anything in a fountain pen besides fountain pen ink. It will be an early funeral. The feed system is much more complex than you think! There are some wonderful FP inks available now - shimmering, pigment, etc. check out Diamine, Noodlers, Private Reserve, Monteverde, and the Japanese inks for brightness and color choices! Also, I’ve recently discovered that FP inks are much less if you buy from the UK. I suggest Cult Pens.
Your "research" is faulty abs your conclusions erroneous. Almost all fountain pen ink is dye based. The few nano particle pigment inks like Platinum Carbon Black, require much more diligent pen hygiene. If you want to use acrylics--and why you think they are at any dilution an option for fountain pens is beyond me--do NOT dip your fountain pens as you will destroy the feed. Use cheap steel calligraphy nibs instead.
I'm sorry, it was not my intention to offend you. I didn't know which was why I was asking. I am very sorry if I have angered you. I just need a very black matte ink and many I have found dry with a sheen or run through the paper, else they are not dark enough. once again, so sorry
I would not put anything in a fountain pen that I valued, other than fountain pen ink - regardless of how expensive or inexpensive the pen might be. Dip pens are very inexpensive, have a diversity of nibs available, and are pretty hard to clog. Any shop that sells you "artist grade acrylic paints" probably carries inexpensive nib holders and a wide variety of nibs.
You can just dip it and clean it after use to be safe.