Can the Mech Keys community help me find my perfect TKL?

Real quick overview of my interests:
  • I've owned MX Blues, Reds & Browns, and Browns are my fave. Clicky but not noisy. Open to alternatives!
  • I've owned full size and "90%" boards (numpad instead of arrows & control section), and am no longer interested in a numpad. Really like the small size of my current Quickfire TK, so I figure TKL is the way to go.
  • Must have some lighting, white or RGB. Preferably RGB. Never used non-chinethrough keys, are the characters legible in low light? I just need to see what I'm doing without lots of lights on elsewhere.
  • I'd prefer black or dark grey like the Massdrop CTRL. Really like the muted, modern look. Not really looking for vivid colors, bulky designs or "gamer style" on my keyboard.
  • Not concerned about mobility as it'll stay home, not really too worried about specific connectivity options (should I be?), and open to brands other than what I've explored in the past (Razer, then Logitech, then Corsair, and now Coolermaster)
And finally, my budget: Something around the Massdrop CTRL is my absolute top-end limit, and I'm really not too keen on spending THAT much. I'm Canadian and will be thoroughly thrashed with currency conversion & border tariffs. The CTRL for example will cost updwards of $280 CAD after conversion & shipping, easily over $300 if the border decides to charge me. Which they love to do. Especially from Massdrop orders. So, help me save a buck or two if you can by staying as far from $200 USD as you can! If you need any other deets from me, please don't hesitate to ask!

Jan 12, 2019
Fully assembled? or DIY kit? If DIY can you solder? prefer hotswap(like CTRL)? For your $, two best options(assuming you can't solder and just want a ready to use board. The MD CTRL like you mentioned or the hexgears Dusk/Dawn from Kono store. Although, after the DSA Groove key cap fiasco, I would be wary of giving Kono any of my money. A barebones CTRL comes in @ $220 CDN with roughly $20-$30 in taxes, now you need switches and key caps. Full board is $285 CDN $30-$40 taxes. As a fellow Canadian, all I can say is, when looking to buy from Massdrop or any gear outside Canada, just budget for taxes/duties. If this is going to be your only board, or is a major purchase for you, then get something that will last and has upgrade-ability. Also this a under $200 USD TKL(no lighting) Also Canada Computers has a lot of branded boards, corsair, cooler master, hyperX cougar. etc...
Browns are not a clicky switch. They're tactile. The noise they have is from the bottoming out and upstroke. I don't look at TKL's much. The GMMK is cheap and is on sale sometimes. Have you look at mechanical keyboard .com?