Keeping Earbuds Un-tangled

This has always been an issue with my earbuds when not in use. No matter how neatly I try to wind the cord up and stow it away, I always get a tangled mess every time I bring them out. Does this happen to you too? Got any solutions for it? If not, what would you like to see? For me, maybe a nice case with quality materials and a spring loaded winding mechanism would do the trick, but haven't been able to find one. Any suggestions ?

Jun 10, 2017
I mainly use a coiling method for (almost) all sorts of cables. Found this video for you

There is also this one, which is kind of not ideal for me because it may damage the cable in the long term.
Jun 9, 2017
I don't have a pic or a model # right now, but I still use a Philips earbuds from 15 years ago. Besides the clear sound, they have offset cords, meaning they are worn with the cord hanging down from one ear only, the cord for the other earbud goes around the back of your neck instead of having those annoying 2 cords under the chin like a helmet chinstrap. But the earbuds also came with a storage case that is easy to use. Buds in holes on one side, cords through cut-out and wound up on spool. A rubbery material covers it all and rolls back to remove or put away the buds. Maybe I will be able to look up online for a pic later.
EDIT: Later has arrived, and some googling-around shows I have Philips HE592 earbuds. Looks like they are not quite as old as I remember, about 12 years old. But the storage case works very well still.