Victorinox Knife sets
I am selling all the Victorinox knife sets from the official Victorinox website for excellent prices. You can check out my new website at and check out the victorinox selection where I am selling three excellent Victorinox knife sets. The first one is the 4 knife steak set, stylish durable and great cutting quality. here is a short description. "Combining beautiful form with high function, the Grand Maître Steak Knife from the Victorinox series of forged knives has a full tang blade that is uniformly hardened and perfectly balanced. But it’s not just this blade that gives the steak knife its robust strength – its rosewood handle continues this theme, being both elegant and hard-wearing. Hand-polished and ergonomically designed, this handle promises its user comfort and supreme ease of use. The sleek steak knives of this four-piece set will slice steaks and other meats with ease. Ideal for private or professional use. Create an elegant table setting that will impress your guests for sure."


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