Jan 14, 2019

Does DHL hands off their parcels to USPS?

I know that in case of domestic delivery, DHL normally hands off their stuffs to USPS. But my point is, do they do the same with international deliveries too? I live in South KR. So, shipping via DHL Global means my parcels should visit hubs in DE first and than to my country, KR. But things got really strange here. Here is my tracking. https://webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com/?trackingnumber=GM545322949114752755 As you can see, MD shipped my parcel in Dec 14th. Ever since from then, it stays on Avenel, US about a month. And I can find a tracking number via USPS below that link. But there's nothing on USPS' tracking number. As if they didn't even start shipping it at all. Did DHL hand off my parcel to USPS global? If that's true, does that mean I cannot track my shipment outside from US? And that makes why my tracking has stopped since Dec 29th?

yes, i think so. USPS is great at their work and their Liteblue USPS portal is very good.