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If you could only have ONE keyboard...

The time has come, the keyboard apocolypse is upon us, and you have to pick just ONE keyboard that you would be happy using forever. What keyboard would that be? This is one of those questions that makes me a little queasy, as it is an impossible question to answer. Do I go for aesthetics or functionality? Do I go unobtainium custom or vintage ? I've got a decent collection with even more not documented, and on a weekly basis I probably use at least 10-15 different keyboards. I enjoy so many keyboards so often that I'm not even sure how to pick, so I'll just go with my gut... Right now, I'd probably have to say my Raytheon 6104-04 - Magnetic Valve/Pulse board.
Is it the most functional? Nah. Frankly, getting it to work on a modern system at all is quite a pain in the ass. On the flip side this keyboard is the epitome about what I love about this community and keyboards as a whole. The excellent vintage styling and colors are amazing( I'm kind of into that retro-futurism stuff). The tinkering and trying to get it to work on a modern system was done with friends (Engicoder, looking at you), which is the type of homebrew project that connects many of us. The switches themselves feel amazing and the caps put modern SA to shame. So yeah, this is the guy I'm going to stick with forever. That's mine, what is the board you would pick above all others???
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Anything with Alps you can count me in :)
Coarsair k 95, or coarsair keyboards in general, love their short responce and feeling!
hhkb wireless jp
full size/detachable numpad, hot swap switches, detachable cable with nice sleeving, SA keycaps. gmmk for example, insane value for money compared to all the other garbage that costs $200+ they got full size, TKL and 60%.

These responses, some of them are a big YIKES. Hahaha, If I could only have one keyboard, I'd probably go with a VE.A. I'd cerakote it to a nice grey color then use it with GMK Modern Dolch or GMK 9009. It'd make sure it has some nice comfy lubed vint blacks or some good lubed gateron inks.
My current go to keyboard. the Corsair K95 RGB. It looks great, has awesome backlit keys, has loads of functionality, it hasn't failed me yet, and can be used as a weapon if I am ever assaulted while at my keyboard! This things is made of machined aircraft grade aluminum and has a decent heft to it for a keyboard. Once the zombie apocalypse hits and the electricity goes kaput, this keyboard will still serve me well!!
Went to Cooler Master, caught a keeper! https://www.instagram.com/p/BsMEAKBh9-B/ Specifically, it's the CK530 (blue switch) variant that I like the most. Had the red switch (linear) variant, and longed for change in sensitivity. First ever board that actually had/has true-to-life marketing. I've gone through Logitech boards, Razer, Roccocat, IBM, Micosoft, Compaq, Dell, No-Name brands, Corsair, and others - CM really made a board that fits the lifestyle I have. No more mixing chips in different bags. This one has all the flavor I'd sought.
I’d probably go with my black web standard keyboard it’s functional and it also looks decent, but sometimes some keys lock up.
Dell SK-8000 with PS2 connection.
Actually I have the Logitech G PRO but I really prefer the Mionix Wei. It's a super clean minimal keyboard, with it's beautiful RGB.

If I have one keyboard to choose it will definitely be the Azio Retro Compact Keyboard (R.C.K), Bluetooth connectivity, great for typing the feel is nice, just that the Keyboard travel is bit on the longer side for gaming, may not be that suitable for gaming but for day to day usage is perfect.

Corsair K95 Platinum, been my go to for almost 2 years and I have loved every second using it.
Kinesis Advantage2 - this is the only keyboard that I can type on all day without any wrist fatigue. Took a little getting used to, but this keyboard is the greatest innovation in keyboards ever. You can even hook up foot switches and program functions to them or use them to toggle the number keypad on and off (located in the right hand space).

It's a bit basic, but overall I'd choose the Filco Majestouch-2 with red switches. Full size, excellent typing feel, functional in any setting, key cap lettering on the sides so it won't wear, solid weight, and great build quality.
Norbatouch TKL for me.
I would take my ROG Claymore any day, but instead of Cherry MX Browns, I'd probably take reds or blues.

If only Steelseries would make a modified mechanical version of the old Z-Board Merc . It has the best layout for MMO's and survival style games that use the full 1-0 keys for inventory using Ctrl/Alt/Shift for additional bars. My only complaint is it's missing the Z and X keys on the left...

Logitech K740. Honestly, the best keyboard I've used for typing. Took a minute to get used to when I got my first one, but I've been using it almost exclusively for about 12 years now. I've tried every other slim keyboard on the market - the Razer, etc - but none come anywhere near the feel of this keyboard. The new Corsair K70 is also pretty damn nice, if I didn't want a slim. I've tried the slim version, but calling it a 'slim' is kind of like calling a Whopper Jr. a low-calorie food.
Isn’t it obvious? Razer Huntsman Elite. However, I would probably go for a Das Keyboard 5Q with the Cherry MX reds. They are super expensive though........
I'd take my Kira from Input Club with Hako Clears and stuff my Anne Pro 2 with Kaihl Box Browns down my shirt. Either can be used as weapon if anyone tries to take them.
IBM Model M with custom mini-SDL usb cable. Perfect condition, bolt/screw modded
I've been using my Logitech G15 for who knows how long now. Still works fine and I like the data display on it. I'm not particularly picky when it comes to keyboards obviously. Don't need LED lighting or anything like that. And I prefer quiet over clicky. Other than that, I'll use whatever.
I'm pretty happy with my Ducky One with cherry greens. I'd like a board with heavier springs, a metal base, and maybe an 82key board. I was looking at cheap hot-swap boards on AliExpress and they looked okay. Shame I'm poor!
I like my massdrop ctrl, been using it for around 4 months now and it's perfect. I'd probably go with it if I could only use 1 keyboard. Unless I got to try other keyboards before choosing then I may change my mind.
I would definitely have to go with either the Anne pro 2 or the ducky one 2 mini with brown switches. I just kinda wish that the Anne pro 2 had cherry switches. The gaterons feel good but I just think cherry feels better.
i would pick a rainbow keyboard
I don't own my ideal keyboard yet, because I'm not sure it exists. What I want is something with the layout of a Plum 84, with Cherry MX Milky switches, and SA Penumbra keycaps with the off-white alphas.
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