Jan 17, 2019

I'm a little concerned with the packaging.

All five of the products that I have ordered so far from Massdrop (two more on the way) have arrived in packaging that seemed lazily thrown together. The product's box/bottle would be loose inside the package, with only a few air pillows to fill in the abundant empty space. Thus, there have been a fair few evident dents and bends in the packaging that I've noticed, but didn't pay much mind to initially, as all the products themselves that I have received have been in good condition. Although, it still worries me to a passable extent to merit this post. Can anyone else share my concerns? Should I not worry about it?
Aduragbami and Brattem

agree with criticism
Hm. That's not great. Good that the products were fine and all, but still... can you share which ones they were specifically? Can definitely bring this up with the team.