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Just got my 6XX, Need help for a audio dac/amp

Hi guys this is my first pair of "real" headphones, after using gaming headsets and beats for my phone/computer, I love these headphones so far. I'm using my Scarlet focus rite Interface for my XLR+ headset combo, but I did some research and I'm bottlencking my headphones because this interface doesn't have the power for these to get full potential, I was hoping if anyone could help me find a amp/dac, and how it works, and how I set it up to my computer, I have a decent budget, 200 to 300 CAD preferably, thank you :)

I'd look at Aune T1SE. I can't seem to figure out how much it is in CAD, but it's a great starting point for DAC/amp combo for 6xx. There are other options as well, but T1 is my recommendation because O2 is still under-powered for 6xx, and the shit stack doesn't sound as good (subjective, I know. I have seen glowing reviews from people I actually trust to be honest, not sbaf, on the magni3; I just don't like it). The only things I know of that best it at the same price point or lower you have to build yourself.
The Massdrop SDAC + O2 combo unit offered here is about $150 US and is a pretty great starting point. @Keth's post has good suggestions as well. Setting up should be a breeze. Most DACs are straight plug-and-play, with only very certain ones requiring driver installations on some older operating systems (Windows 7, 8, perhaps maybe older versions of Mac). Keep in mind that the HD 6XX is one of those headphones that has the potential to scale on even really expensive endgame systems, so just pick something that fits your budget now and enjoy your headphones!
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Gotchu thanks, will be placing my order later today, would you say I'd get a good ammount of the potential for these headphones?
Hard to say. I am quite a big fan of the HD 6XX headphones and think their potential is really, really high. However, the setup would certainly give you a pleasurable listening experience. I find the HD 6XX still sounds pretty decent even straight out of a phone
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Only thing i'm curious about is, the one from jds straight uses USB to connect for audio source, the mass drop one only has analong ? how would that work with a pc. Thank you
They both use USB, you must be looking at just the amp. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-o2-sdac-dac-amp