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Whats Your Favorite Artisan?

Artisans are my favorite parts of keycaps, they are a labor of love that are unique and beautiful, and with all of these new artisans coming to Massdrop I ask. Which one is your favorite? my favorite artisan is the nebula series from jelly keys.
Jynxtin, Velocity, and 79 others

Dwarf Factory all the way
1st: Dwarf Factory 2nd: Jelly Keys
jelly keys artifact series, any of them really... abyss, oasis, forbidden realm, etc...
I've found hipster heaven
you have ascended, welcome
absolutely The M&M from changchun, China!
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hahaha, these keycaps are already sold out, wait for new wave ing...
I really dig the black-white one with the navy windscreen.
This came in the mail, one of my favorite artisans

and as a bonus they came with serialized dog tags matching the SN of your keycap
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had to dig a little deeper than I would have liked, but I was able to recover it from the trash before it got emptied lol!
haha gratz on the search and recovery mission!
These Forest Artisans from MechanicalKeyboards.com are my current favorites that I own... I also have an Infinite Abyss and Minion Orc on it's way :)
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Hahah big thanks to you. I think it is because of the cover photo.
P/S just notice: you pass 1k point milestone. Should we celebrate?
I mean I'm going to :D you're welcome to join! What did you have in mind for celebration?
I love my JellyKey Oasis... especially when I found out it glows.
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100% agree.
it's glorious
These are my favorites that I have with me right now. From various different creators!
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Boba fett was sold from Hidden Labs last year, they had a small batch made, like 50 bobas or something can't remember.
yes it does, a transparent acrylic lid
Most of my small collection is/has been KeyKollectiv as I tend to skew towards the cute end of the spectrum. However, I'd say my favorites are below:
* KeyKollectiv - Meowcaps, Kosmos, Purrkeys, Furts * Zorb - Entlings & Sparkeys * SUK - Hugo sculpt specifically * HWS/Binge - Grizzlekey, Otterphile, Skullthulu (Only owned a Grizzlekey thus far, have a 4x4 sale entry for a Red Giant colorway and hoping for an otter)
Jelly Key OASIS. I wish I had one... <sigh>
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Hahaha, whoops! I didn't even notice the (very tiny, light gray) timestamp; was browsing what I assumed were recent discussions based them being featured first on the interests page:

nah its just that there is no good discussions so mine still stay relevant some how
What is a good website to buy custom keys I want to start
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This is good to see lots of MK-related products - https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/ Specifically related to purchasing (whether that be Interest Checks, Group Buy, Artisan Raffles, or Secondhand) you can go to https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/
Outside of that, @TheSkeleton was spot on with GH forums.
I have already spent $2000 on my computer that I am building so I want the best custom to me lol
when joiha follows you on massdrop
So many different quality options out there. Suited Up Keycaps makes some excellent work. Their Snappers have to be my favorite but every single one they put out is amazing quality.

Keyforge is amazing as well. They have 2 new artisans that will be going on sale today. I am hoping to win one of these intricate caps:

My snappers :D
RAMAGE Lava Leak V1,  So shiny, so beautiful
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There are many more to name. I suggest you start with Geekhack to find out. This is list of my favorite makers: Booper, Brocap, Keykollective, ETF and Suited Cap.
youre not wrong, its super beautiful, ill settle for the lagoon cap
oooooh im jealous
Almost all the work of idea23!
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Yeah I haven't bought that nebula cap I posted yet, but that's only cause it has never been sold
Well, we just have to wait for them.
mysterious style!
Spooooooooooky *fades out*
My favorite is the Eggface design from Nightcaps. It is clean, simple, and his stoic smile really creeps me out.
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He looks like a Lenny face with blank eyes. ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
Congratulations on hitting 900 Kyle! I'm waiting to see you break the four-digit ceiling.
My wait for the Deep Field, however, ended half an hour ago.
P.S.: I'm still waiting to crack 50.
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I can't vouch for Jelly Key since I have yet to own one of their products, but my Deep Field is indeed well-crafted. The only major flaw is the loose stem (I can pluck the cap from its stem by hand). There are burrs on the sides, but that's just nitpicking.
I have yet to own either I was basing my opinion purely off of looks
Noice taste my dude. I wouldn't mind a few more for when my K type arrives
if they werent so darn expensive (justified for the product) I would have loads, for no I just plan to buy the nebula and when they come out the jelly earbuds
Jellykeys are doing some tremendous things. Perfect price point.
Could we get this key cap for a drop?
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you cant purchase it as is, they are not currently selling it. They have stated that they dont have plans to sell it any time soon. heres the site https://www.jellykey.com/ and even when they do sell it be careful, its 80 dollars a keycap.
Pricey I see...thanks!
hey hit 900 upvotes, thats pretty cool
Congrats! Onward to 1,000.
I'm new to the world of keys, but I'm honestly in love already. Any more examples you like in particular? I need a bit of help getting shown around. The Nebula ones look awesome.
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Their spacebars are amazingly beautiful. It takes all the willpower I have not splurge on them when they're available.
that goes for all jelly caps for me, but I cant hold out anymore I need one of these nebula caps. Brainflush isnt allowed to hog all the jelly :D