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Is Sennheiser HD 58X a good upgrade from SHP9500?

I own SHP9500 and Takstar PRO82 and wanted to get an upgrade. Also always wanted to hear that Sennheiser sound signature. Is 58x going to be worth it?

The answer to your question is yes. I had the SHP9500's as a daily driver before my HD58X. What's your audio source?
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Get the HD58X. They will make music sound great again
Agree 100%. I just got the HD58X and they are much more fun compare to the SHP9500: Bass: Much better on the HD58X. The SHP9500 has good bass but not has "deep" has the HD58X. Mids: Much better on the HD58X. The SHP9500 sounds distant. Highs: More pronounced on the SHP9500 however with "busy" music they can be fitigging. The overall sound stage is better on the HD58X.