Jan 19, 2019141 views

Kizer Söze

How many of you guys are interested in Massdrop doing a drop on the new Kizer Söze?

DRM1, JonasHeineman, and 5 others

No thanks. Rather have a Pro-Tech Godfather at that price.
It would help a great deal if the knife was explained in the best amount of detail available. Just from the picture the center of the blade does not even run down the spine. Tell us somethings about the product or it ain't worth a poot until then!
Or you can just google it and I dont have to copy paste....?
You are the one posting and touting the product - and personally I don't see the 'point'/purpose of it... If you want people to jump on the bandwagon and support the idea then you need to do your due diligence and 'sell it' and that includes details and specs...or it isn't likely to go anywhere...as you can see by the numerous responses. Snarky replies probably won't help your cause either...FYI