Recommendations for Gaming headphone and DAC/AMP for HD 6XX

Looking for a new pair of gaming headphones (maybe for music as well) and a DAC/AMP for the HD 6XX and the new gaming headphones. I play FPS games (such as BFV, counterstrike, etc) and I've read imaging is important. After some research, the HD660S and Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro are the top contenders. So my first question is: 1. Out of these 2, which pair of headphones is better, or is there another alternative you would recommend? Don't care if they are open or closed back. Current gear: FX AUDIO DAC-X6 and HD 6XX The DAC is connected via USB to my Dell G5 5587 laptop (I think it has a Realtek soundcard). I want to upgrade my setup so that I have a new DAC/AMP, HD 6XX for music since they are crap for gaming, and another pair of headphones for gaming and maybe music. The Schiit Jotunheim seems the best, however, I'm not sure what module/card option I should get, the multibit or balanced DAC. Second question: 2. Should I go for the Schiit Jotunheim, or are there better alternative DAC, AMP, or DAC/AMP recommendations? And if the Jotunheim is the one, which DAC should I get? Third question: 3. I also read about getting balanced cables for HD 6XX, are they worth getting and if so do you have any recommendations? I want this to be my end-game setup or last me quite a while. I am open to getting a completely different setup than the one I have listed, and prefer to buy new rather than used gear. I mostly listen to classical, electronic, and pop. Budget: Willing to spend around the cost of the DT1990pro and Jotunheim with a DAC which is around £399+420+(160) = £979. I can wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for better prices. My top priority right now is getting a new gaming headphone. The DAC/AMP can be bought when there is a better deal.

Jan 21, 2019
Cavalli Tube Hybrid/SDAC
Jan 21, 2019
go for atom amp and grace sdac
Jan 21, 2019
You can do better than the Jot with your budget. The Questyle CMA400I, or Fostex HP-A4 BL are solid all in one options with balanced output and are available easily in the UK. The iFi Audio Micro iDSD BL is another good option for single ended, as is the JDS Labs Atom and OL or EL DAC. The DT1990's are not optimal for long term gaming, especially if you're treble sensitive. You'd be better served by the HD58X, Audio Technica ATH-WS1100IS, 1MORE Triple Driver, 1MORE VRX, or the Audeze Mobius at the DT1990 price point or below. At least for FPS games.