Problem with the order for LG C8PUA 77" TV
Hi, I recently bought the LG C8PUA 77" TV from Massdrop. They delivered on 1/16/19. The packaging was fine. However, when I turned on the tv, there is a big vertical white line on the right. I immediately emailed support with pictures of the tv, the box, etc. The rep sent it to engineering department and then to the warehouse. He asked if I wanted a refund or a replacement. I said replacement. Still until a week later, I had no reply regarding when they are sending. He was saying that he has reached out to the vendor but response. I then asked for refund. He again contacted the vendor but no response on how to return the tv. I think something is getting lost somewhere or Massdrop does not want to do anything for me. Terrible service provided by Massdrop. Anyone have similar issues? I would not recommend anyone to buy from Massdrop.


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