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Less acrylic content?

My girlfriend loves to knit, and I'd like to get her knitting stuff. But she hates acrylic and sticks to wool, alpaca, cotton, and blends. Do you think you might go to more natural yarns on mass drop, and less acrylic?
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Agreed with natural fibers ONLY.
Look up knitcrate.com it's a monthly subscription, and there are some great options. Or Google the nearest local yarn shop and get her a gift card! I love natural fibers!
There's a couple sites I'd recommend - there's a lady in Tennessee that does wonderful hand-dyed yarn that's great when I need to treat myself! She uses mostly merino wool, and has a lot of very nice blends with silk, cashmere, alpaca, etc. Her stuff is on missbabs.com
There's also a yarn store in a tiny town in Michigan that I looooove, and they have wonderful yarn. You'd have to contact them to order anything I think, but the lady told me she'd ship for free because the mailbox is right across the street haha. You can check them out here: https://www.thewarmfuzzyalden.com
Same here. No acrylic.
Indeed. It is very rare that I work with an acrylic yarn.
Agree!! LOATHE acrylic!! Also, there are very few kn drops in general
This! I hate knitting with Acrylic. Natural fibers preferred!