Jun 16, 2017163 views

FiiO A5 anyone?

Folks, anyone interested in the successor to the Monte Blanc?

I have the Topping NX1s on my iPod Rockbox player, and have been looking at upgraded headphone amps for it. I'd definitely be interested if Massdrop would put up the FiiO A5 as a drop!
After buying the LG V20 for my phone upgrade I don't carry a separate DAP/Amp stack anymore but I loved my E12A and the A5 is supposedly very similar in sound with more power. Good option for anyone who still needs a portable amp.
That v20 sure does sound good huh? I'm really in love with it
It's scary, I had the HTC One (M9) before it and the V20 blows away everyone of my expectations for what a phone can provide in the audio arena. The only thing that would make it better is a selectable high/low mode as my Audeze Sine is sub 50 ohms but can take a ton of power. That is the only headphone I own that it struggles to drive (I've not tried my HE500 with it).