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Disappointed in the prices, to be more specific. The percentage of savings is based on MSRP- and who pays MSRP? I certainly don't, and I doubt many do- MSRP is basically a scam, set by manufacturers, to make people believe they are getting a good price. I have gotten some good deals here in the past, but lately everything I'm interested in, I can find cheaper elsewhere- without a 3 or 4 week shipping delay!
If you look around, you'll generally find the item for sale elsewhere for about 30% below MSRP every day- and then, on sale, you can do much better than that.
I think you need a better negotiator, or the current one(s) need to be more aggressive with these companies. Some of the discounts they offer are a joke.
Stress that this is not a one-time sale, if this item becomes popular at their price, it can be almost a running sale, as soon as one drop ends another begins!
Many of these items are NOT high volume sale items- so a mass drop should be a welcome thing for them. If they act otherwise, I'd say they were playing you.
I owned a hotrod shop for many years, and I have never paid more than 50% of the asking price, for any car, in my life. That is my limit, and if they won't meet me there I walk. Usually they do- I rarely have to walk. You guys need to take this approach, get vendors COMPETING with each other to be on Massdrop. It should be an honor.
They need YOU, not vice-versa. Attitude is everything, guys.
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I agree. About the only things I've seen on here that really catch my interest are the Massdrop exclusives, because obviously you can't get those elsewhere. But yeah, generally their prices are nothing to be excited about, and including the percentage off MSRP in the discount percentage is just deceiving. Knife Center does the same thing. Nobody buys knives at MSRP. I don't even know where you would buy a knife at MSRP. Definitely some tricky marketing tactics.
I'm really curious what has changed- when I first joined massdrop I found some fantastic deals, and bought a lot of things at a significant savings. The percentage of discount when the drop is complete seems to be steadily declining...I wonder how you get a job as head negotiator for this website? I'd be happy to sell them my skills and expertise... :)