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What are some good headphones? under 200

I'm looking for some good headphones. That are Bluetooth and can be attached wireless,with noise cancelling and that are comfortable .My max price is 200$, do you know of any good headphones for this. I'm mainly going to be using this for on the go traveling with music and some gaming on the Nintendo switch.

Jul 9, 2017
Not noise cancelling but by far the best sounding headphones in your price range are the Bose Soundlink. They kick ass so much. You won't get anything decent with all the features you want under $300-350. I suggest you get your hands on the Bowers & Wilkins P7 wireless to try... although I don't think you'll send them back after barfing up the money for them.
Jul 9, 2017
It will help if you can advise what kind of music do you listen to. The recent Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC is really good value for money, are lightweight, and cancels noise quite fine. But audio quality is not that exciting. If you love clear treble and deep bass, I recommend Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2. Both supports wired connection in case battery runs out. BBPRO2 goes up to 24 hours in battery!
Jul 8, 2017
Save up for QC 35
Jul 13, 2017
JBL just released a brand new noise cancelling Bluetooth pair. I think Everest Elite. $300 at Best buy Canada.... Check them out!JBL is owned by Harman and makes great stuff. I might grab a pair to try out.
Jul 13, 2017
Do you have any high end audio stores within driving distance of where you live? Many of them have floor models for people to try on and listen to with their reference music of choice (bring in a CD that you are familiar with that sounds really good). I find that personal recommendations can only get me so far, because everyone has a different ear, and different tastes in terms of what's "good". For my part, I begin by looking at my needs, then I look at my budget to see if my needs are really wants in disguise. Then I look at specs and reviews on products that fit my criteria. Then I take my short list and go to a high end audio store to listen to them. The ultimate deciding factor--no matter the specs or the manufacturer, or the reviews and recommendations--is: what are my ears telling me?
Jul 7, 2017
You definitely don't have to spend $200 if that is what you will be using them for. Also, you should reconsider if Bluetooth is the only option for you. There are many more wired options that will sound much better than Bluetooth headphones. One pair that I recommend are the Audio-Technica ATH-S700BT. If you choose wired, I would go with any closed back by shure, sennheiser, or Audio-Technica.
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