Jun 24, 2017

Long Arm Templates

Hello, I am always happy with the great drops that this group has come up with, but has anyone ever thought of the long armer? Specifically, the 1/4" thick templates (rulers) , that can't get caught under the needle. Regular quilt rulers are only 1/8" thick and cannot be used on a long arm because they would cause injury, to you, to the machine, and to yourself! It's not pretty. Other ideas would be long arm needles, MORE Superior thread, and maybe light gadgets that have a way to attach right to the machine, and paper pantographs. Not everyone has the computer and robotics on their machine, so these would be GREAT!
Marzoo7, Walkin2cure, and 7 others

I too would like to see more drops for the long armer, I'm just beginning and have so many accessories I would like to buy. High quality items at reduced rates would take me a long way towards establishing myself.