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What's the next piece of equipment you want to buy

I am always fascinated by the wide array of equipments/lenses/cameras available on the market, as well as the ones that are on the horizon.

Wondering what's the next piece of equipment everyone here have their eyes on.

I am currently lusting over a Hasselblad X1D (http://www.hasselblad.com/x1d). I've been wanting to experiment with medium format photography for many many years. The versatility of the raw image, tonality, and the dynamic range for an average digital MF sensor is just completely on a different level vs. the best of the 35mm digital sensor.

Barrier to entry for digital MF photography has always been very high due to the cost and the size of the equipment. I have very high hope that X1D is a sign that digital medium format cameras will become more approachable and common in the near future.

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Recently bought a Panasonic G9 and am lusting after the PL 50-200mm zoom (I already have the PL 12-60 and PL 8-18).
https://www.doragoodman.com/goodmanaxis or fix my Fujica GS645Pro
4x5 press or field camera :-)
I’ve been wanting a Leica Q for a super long time! The new Q-P looks real stealth too
Mamiya m645 1000s medium format film camera
All Hail, The Great Archiver of Light, Destroyer of wallets.
Canon 7d mk ii to replace my canon t5. also I would really appreciate it if you guys would check out my insta https://instagram.com/adam_salikin?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=w3tm667pdswb
I'm considering to jump on the Panasonic S1 when it comes out. Both Nikon and Canon had horrible FF Mirrored entries and Sony still has unforgivable handling and corporate behaviour in my eyes. Until then I won't invest in my current system (MFT) by buying new lenses lenses.
photo editing software and training. Just bought as ton of MFT gear and now need to learn how to edit it.
New full-frame mirrorless Nikon to replace my aging but still really good D700. At 3k its way outside my range. Any care to start a GoFundMe? Ill split anything over 3k 30/70.
My next purchase as a beginner photographer would be the Nikon 50mm F1.8, I wanted for both portaits and extra versitality when shooting, I've tried it already and I was impressed by it, shame I don't have the money for it just yet
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I use Tamron lens and they are serviceable. Pop Photo (too bad no longer in print) gave them high ratings, but not as high as Nikkor. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you want to pay $600 for an f1.8 lens go for it.
Avoid Sigma and Tameron. Get a vintage Nikkor 50, better made, sharper and well under $100 US. Or grab a Pentax SMC 1.8. Just need to use in manual.
I would love to buy a Sony Alpha A7r III
I’d like to buy an old Nikon D3X , professional camera , with optimal specs 24 mega pixel , titanium body etc. my budget is around 1000 $ not more
There's this new thing called Google that will help you find stuff. Keh.com would be a good start.
I wand an old school medium format camera, maybe a Bronica or similar, -you can find serviced kits around the shop if you look
I gave up on Canon. Their approach to mirrorless is daft. Instead of using the lack of mirror and pentaprism to make a svelte modern camera, they went the opposite way and made an even bigger camera with bigger lenses! Jumped ship to Fuji, picking up an XT3. Which is cheaper than the new Canon Mirrorless. But just as good if not better in many regards. Quite excited about the Fuji X system lenses. With a couple exceptions (like their long teles) they are more affordable than comparable Canon lenses, and the image quality is great! My next want is the 27mm pancake, and the 56mm f1.2. Not sure if I need the apo version or not.
I personally love a good kickstarter, and this one looked pretty great. Backed it, now just to wait and see if it pans out!
I'm an old Hassy owner... there is something indeed special with these cameras.
But smaller is better for the type of photography I do.
In the 80s on my honeymoon I decided to leave the big cameras at home and bought a used Olympus XA. No regrets, in fact some of my best shots were taken with this camera.
If anyone has one kicking around let me know.
I'm in a holding pattern waiting for Canon to release a Full Frame mirrorless to compete with Sony's. The Sony stuff is really great, but I like the Canon combination of color rendition, ergonomics and great glass. Sony stuff can be kind of muddy even if it does get better DR and low light without noise. I was all stoked for the 6D MKII. But that camera has problems. And the 5D MK IV isn't doing it for me either. The Hassleblad mirrorless is pretty sick, but man the lenses are even more than Canon L. In the meantime I'm looking at a M43 camera. There are a lot of interesting lenses for that format. And many that can be adapted to work. Also much lighter and more compact to carry around for spur of the moment shooting.
32" 4K wide gamut monitor, probably a BenQ SW320.
I have the Panasonic G7 and am interested in the Panasonic 14-140mm lens as well as a low light prime. I think the 25mm 1.7f.
Would love to get some more prime glass. Have had my eye on both the Canon 50mm 1.2 and the 85mm for awhile. Will probably be investing in a good slider rig before anything else though.
Exactly what I also want to have Nelson! If I ended up with one I can see a lot of gear from other systems being sold, however the initial purchase cost of just the body is the killer. I have the Pentax 645D that satsifies me very well at present and I also shoot 35mm and MF film (the latter using Pentax 6x7 and Hasselblad 503CX).
Going to beg getting the Samyang XP 14mm f/2.4 within a month's time. Really excited for a nice wide-angle, never have had one to my name.
nikon d7500
A nice E-Mount f1.4 Lens.
You should look at getting an m42 lens with the 18mm mount, they have some really nice and clean bokehs FOR CHEP
Don't get it. I've used it a lot, like a lot; and I'm not a fan. The images are amazing and the glass is "getting better", but it's a studio camera disguised as an all around mirrorless camera.
It routinely overheats, and if you shoot fast it won't save each image you take, if you're shooting in continuous mode.
Go with the Fuji GFX, it's more concise and functions better
Those are very interesting user observations. Thanks for sharing them.
Leica M10. I'll have to sell off a bunch of gear to finance it, though.
ain't that the truth :'(
The Sony a6000, if I had the money.
looking at either the Sony A9 or the Fujifilm x-t2
I don't know much about cameras but that camera is beautiful AF...
I have an older Nikon D90 that I used in college, wouldn't mind getting some new nicer lenses for it.