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Massdrop pretends to give the option of cancelling the order, The same day they informed me I have the option of cancelling my order I asked to cancel it. Their response was that it had already shipped so they cannot cancel it. I asked for shipping information and have been waiting days for a response. So it looks like they are choosing to ignore my request because they are unable to provide shipping information because they have not shipped it. So they lie to keep the money? So it appears.

I just received shipping info. 6m ago.
I received a email from them on Friday informing me that they would be shipping out by the 26th or sooner. I'v pasted the email below that I received from support. I don't know if it's the same one you received. Maybe it can help you on getting your refund on your attempt to cancel order. Good luck!
We appreciate those of you that have been waiting for these orders and our apologies for the lack updates regarding your order. We have an update from the vendor: Due to an unexpected delay, we now expect to be able to ship to you around June 26th or sooner.We understand that the additional wait time may be undesirable. If you would prefer to cancel your order, please contact Community Support using the “Contact Support” button in your transactions and someone will help you out.