RBH RP-SB:Anyone is up for some quality BT IEMs?

Stumbled upon these wireless in-ear-monitors: RBH RP-SB. As i'm new to BT idea, my first set was the MeeAudio X7Plus, which were ok but not that comfortable and fatigued my ears quite a lot. They also started to fall apart and couldn't hold the battery life advertised. Volume control was meh and signature quite bassy.
Searching for a new pair around this price tag i found those. RBH RP-SB are getting awesome reviews from well known audiophile sites and they do come with a nice rich package of Comply foams, aPTX support and IPX4 Certified and in my opinion with a decent price. I can just hope they're as good as reviewed. The only problem is that they're USA based company that doesn't ship world-wide, perhaps Massdrop could help with that?. What do you say guys?
Here's a link :https://rbhsound.com/epsb.php



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