Jun 30, 2017116 views

CEntrance DACport Slim - Connected 24/7?

Hey audiophiles, I need to know something I've been meaning ask for some time now. A few months ago I received the DACport Slim from Massdrop. I connected it to my workstation using a long a** cable, plugged in my M50x and opened a Rick and Morty episode. It worked flawlessly and has been working without a hiccup all this time (knock on wood).
There is only one single problem, this little guy gets pretty warm even when it's not being used (just connected through USB). I've been unplugging the DACport slim every night since I run my workstation 24/7, and I'm worried about leaving the DAC/amp 24/7 in its warm state.
Why I'm asking this is because I feel I'm wearing out the USB connection on the Slim unnecessarily. So the question is, is it normal that the Slim runs warm and is it ok to leave it plugged in to the computer 24/7?

Hey Mario,
I picked up the DACport slim a few drops ago and I run it about 10 hours a day at high gain. It does get warm, but it stays the same temp throughout the day. I think you will be good if you keep it well ventilated.
Warm is normal, I recommend leaving it at low gain when not in use though
Yeap it's always in low gain. I wonder if the 300 ohms of the HD 6XX will require the knob in high gain?
I wonder that as well