Jul 2, 2017

First active monitor speaker

I want to purchase my first set of monitor speakers, for now it's just for listening to music and in the (near)future I would like to start producing/mixing with them aswell. My choice goes to either one of the two following options:
1) http://www.hercules.com/us/dj-speakers/bdd/p/172/xps-2-0-80-dj-monitor/
This one is in a lower price catogory then the pioneer, for me the pro on this one is that it has a bass and treble control switch on the front of the speaker, the pioneer lacks this.
price: €99
2) https://www.pioneerdj.com/nl-nl/product/monitor-speakers/dm-40/black/overview/
This one is a bit more expensive, and I'm wondering if it really would make that much difference?
Price: €169
My question, which of these two is a viable choice to start of with?
Any suggestions for other brands/models are always welcome!
Thank you very much!

Look around a bit more, so much more choice