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Can a woman design Man Underwear?

I came across this campaign on Kickstarter and I believe that sound quite solid what Alina Lewis is showcasing.

"The idea of Men-Fitted underwear came to light early 2016 while I was talking to some of my friends who were always complaining about their underwear. Then a question popped into my mind- "How cool and innovative would it be to finally design men's underwear that is practical, eco-friendly, comfortable and solves all the problems of comfort?" says, Alina Lewis.
She says further, "After researching and surveys and not finding nothing like that, especially underwear that "has-it-all," she realized that it's about time to design underwear for men that has all the features men are searching for."

For more information about the underwear, visit
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Men design womens underwear, absolutely no reason women can't design mens underwear. Unisex underwear is where I draw the line for my own purchases =P