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Jul 31, 2017
I would DEFINITELY be interested.
Jul 31, 2017
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HEDDPhones by HEDD Audio
“full-range AMT headphone that has never been done before” Any interest in making a Drop version of these?? cheers, tal
Mar 9, 2021
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Would anyone else be interested in the DT 770 pro?
It looks so comfortable and the black version has been out of production for some time
Mar 2, 2021
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Drop should make a DT88X
Throughout my time as an audiophile I've read quite a lot of positive reviews regarding the DT880 Pro, especially the 600 ohms version, I've seen it being highly praised for it's build quality, comfort and sound, however there is one fault I'd point out: no removable cables. As much as the DT880 Pro is marketed towards professional usage ( at least that's what I think, given the "Pro" in it's name ) it is adored by the audiophile community, thus I'd love to see a more audio-enthusiast focused version which only difference would be having a removable cable with a 3.5mm connector on each cup. I reckon the benefits would be quite sizeable : you wouldn't be confined to the 3m cable of the original version; it'd possible to run it balanced (which would help with the endeavour of properly amplifying the 600 ohms version); should the cable fail due to an accident or the throes of time dealing with it would be much simpler and , finally, if you are part of Team...
Feb 19, 2021
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Meizu HiFi Audio Pro DAC
Can we please have this?
Nov 23, 2020
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How often does Drop get Darkvoice amps?
How often does Drop get Darkvoice amps?
Nov 14, 2020
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Would you also like a Drop for Avantone Pro Planar?
Would you also like a Drop for Avantone Pro Planar? How do we make that happen?
Oct 18, 2020
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How to pair Shanling player with Anker Soundcore IEMs?
I Can't figure out how to pair my Shanling Q1 audio player with my Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro wireless IEMs. Can anybody help? (I actually didn't even know the Shanling had bluetooth - I don't think it said so in the description on DROP - until this morning when I went to the Shanling site to download the USB driver). Thanks in advance for any help!
Apr 21, 2021
Best Sennheiser under 300
I *currently* have a pair of anchor SoundCore Q30s. I'm ready get my first pair of Sennheiser's and my budget is the $300 range.
Apr 20, 2021
Hello Handsome!
[image] Yes, I'm talking to you, you big black, nondescript, cylindrical-looking bundle of coils and magnets! I have to say, for a guy who looks like a can of Darth Vader brand coffee, you sound damn good! Actually BOTH of you sound damn good ;- ) Yup, I just added a pair of Echo Studios to my bedroom (one on each nightstand). Each Studio contains a five-speaker assortment, including a down-firing 5.3" woofer. And buddy, they WOOF! What made me finally decide to go this route was laziness; yes I could have found good Bluetooth speakers for less, and maybe even good WIFI speakers, but I confess to having developed a fairly serious relationship with Alexa--we have long talks each morning discussing the weather and the news, etc. And she always plays what I tell her too. Second reason is my on again/off again relationship relation with Amazon Music. With the advent of Amazon Music HD, we're back on again. One of the benefits of combining Amazon Music HD with the Studio is the...
Apr 20, 2021
Alright Drop, this is getting old.
I've had 4 packages ship for orders in the past year. Two of which have been outright lost by FedEx. Drop's customer support has then made it seem like they were doing me some kind of favor by replacing the lost items and not just taking my money without me actually receiving anything. Now one of my packages, shipped to the same address as the others (which hasn't changed), has a FedEx delivery exception because the "address or apartment/suite number is wrong." And as always, FedEx won't talk to me about it at all, only Drop. As I've done a number of times now I've fired off a Drop support request into the void and now I'll wait to see what response they'll give me. Hopefully they'll take care of this as they have in the past, but it's aggravating that I end up having to contact their support team with essentially every order I make. Especially given that they refuse to provide a phone number (though I can understand why if other people have as many issues as I've had). At this...
Apr 20, 2021
Douk Audio?
Has anyone had any experience with Douk Audio preamp/headphone amps? I have a variety of headphones that I use, from multi-driver IEM to closed and open back dynamic, including a few sets from Drop. But I recently picked up a pair of planar magnetic from Andover Audio and while they play reasonably well even with just my phone's audio output, I'd like to get a decent entry level amp for some extra oomph. I found a preamp/headphone amp from Douk Audio that seems to fit generally what I'm looking for, their P1; but I wasn't familiar with the brand and wanted to get some feedback if anyone had any experience with this brand or model.
Apr 17, 2021
how to remove the earpad that came with the Drop + Sennheiser PC38X
how use the Drop + Sennheiser PC38X ear pads replacement
Apr 16, 2021
A Brief History of My Life So-Far...
ABOUT ME I am a retired electrical/mechanical engineer. US Coast Guard graduate. Sailed the high seas as Merchant Marine for 13 years. Briefly worked with NASA for 5.5 years in Florida. I left to start my own Hi-Tech Computer company. My company did anything and everything with computers and computer systems. We were especially known for our Graphics and Gaming computers we built. We built to order Bespoke systems. We were very proud of our workmanship. My company was in operation for almost 27 years. I still build for myself and my family members. I am 74 years old now. Audio Visual has been my lifelong hobby. I love reading Hard science fiction; an example would be the Author Brandon Q. Morris. I like listening to books also. I play few games however, I am addicted to Star Citizen. I do try other games like Alien Isolation, Elite Dangerous, and EVE Online. TOP POSTS & COMMENTS
Apr 14, 2021