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Budget friendly spinning top?

Is it possible to produce and sell a spinning top at a low budget price point? I understand it takes a certain quality of precision and costs of materials given its pricey price, but could a bare minimum and simple spinning top be made? :)) It would be a dream!

Why don't you just make your own!
Why is it today's young "men" are interested in fidget spinners and little tiny tops ....WTF!. Real men don't have time to act like little girls ...and if you can consider this an EDC then you have to much time on your hands and need to MAN THE F UP !!!!!!!!!!!
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Glad you think so ...I know the girlie men's feelings are hurt but hey! the truth hurts
Unconstructive, and petty. True signs of a well adjusted adult.
For spin stability (that "It's not moving, just standing there!" look) and spin time length, my favorite is the Spin Monkey Top (found under that name on Amazon). At $35.00, it's definitely at the cheap end of the "long spinners" -- I've gotten several 15-minute plus spins out of mine -- and it outperforms most tops costing twice as much (and up). However, there are a bunch of 'em out there that'll give you 3-5 minute spins, for $6-12, if you can don't mind a little wobble. If that's more in your ballpark, come back to me, and I'll pass on some names/links. Jean