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The $15 Kaweco...

Do we really need a plastic Kaweco?

Kaweco thinks we do. Aside from the entry-level price the PERKEO stands out with some unusual, and unusually-named, colorways.
There's Indian Summer
Cotton Candy
Old Chambray
and Bad Taste
I kinda like the Bad Taste. Actually, I like them all, in a not-really-my-cup-of-tea sort of way. However, I wouldn't bet on any of them until I get to see them in person. Judging by some actual photos online the colors don't look much like what you see here.
Which one do you like?
Here's a poll started by @LobsterRoll:
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Definitely Bad Taste!
A German Kakuno. ::shrug::
Fair enough.
Also keep in mind that you can mix-and-match the caps and bodies.
I kinda like bad taste.... goes with my cooking 😂😂😂. Indian summer is appealing in some photos, not so much in others. I’ve probably said this a zillion times... but, if you like to have some pens on hand to pass along to folks that would like to try a fountain pen, the price point isn’t bad. Also, since I donate and maintain fountain pens for a classroom of special needs students, the grip would likely benefit a number of students who struggle with finger position and prehension. Odd as the colors may be, they seem suited to a middle to high school aged population. At the right price, I’d be willing to try a few. Everything has a place and there’s a place for everything 😉 Has anyone had the chance to test drive one of these pens ?. Curious how the nib compares with a Kaweco Sport/AL Sport etc ?
My significant other has an Indian Summer, and we think it's great. All of my pens have clips though (I like to put them in my pocket), so I'll regrettably have to pass on these (maybe that's a good thing ☺)
I really like Indian Summer, though my 2nd choice would be Old Chambray. If these didn't have that tragic 'put your fingers here' moulded section, I'd pick one up for sure... But there will be many who love the grip, and the nib can't fail to be more exciting than a Lamy Safari.
I’m curious, what is it about the moulded section that you don’t like?
Me too, Topper.
Are the nibs swappable for the Alsport?
They are not swappable. The Perkeo uses a standard no. 5 nib while the Sport series (as well as the Dia2, Allrounder, Liliput, and Special) uses a modified (shorter) no. 5. The Pencilcase Blog has a photo of both nibs side by side. I have also tried to swap them, to no avail.
The Old Chambray would have gone well with the original Bondi Blue iMacs
Not to mention Robert Oster Bondi Blue.
I'm personally quite sold on the Indian Summer colorway. It just has that look about it, you know?
Don't turn your nose up at plastic. Mont blancs are made of plastic, as are viscontis, auroras, edisons, twsbis, and wait, is that a clear kaweco sport? Also plastic.
Looks very good!!
All of them. The colors are cute and fun and I just lost my pencil pouch, so I need to start rebuilding my collection.
Only issue I have with the "bad taste" would be confusion with a safety-orange highlighter.
And i kinda like the looks of the "bad taste"
(yeah, I know: "you would")
Here are a few more photos from around the web. The Indian Summer is, consistently, the least 'photogenic'.


"I like them all, in a not-really-my-cup-of-tea sort of way."
This is how I feel about this in a nutshell. I wish the Old Chambray used a different blue.
Same... wish the colorways are in more in my palette too... would totally grab a few if we could get a different blue/teal. :<
True, not knowing if the photograph representations are accurate, it's hard to say. But …
This gives me an idea.
Maybe I'll try to find some time to create a poll for some of the, "Why did someone think this was a good idea?" pens.
How many are just sitting in warehouses?
How cheap could Massdrop buy such a pen?
Would the final price be low enough for someone to try a decent but horribly ugly pen?
I suspect that such a poll would never become an actual drop, but it's an interesting thought.
Go for it. Look forward to what you dig up.
Agree with you @theroc. They're nice and not too ostentatious, but not for me.
Old Chambray is the only one I would leave on my desk at work.
Why would you name one of the choices "bad taste" it's like you only wanted to produce three different pensbut then someone was like to let's throw in a fourth. I just think it's a waste.
Of these choices, I think I'm an 'Indian Summer' kind of guy.
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I'm in the Old Chambray camp.
You would be.