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Glass Dip Pens

[EDITED] So, I don't believe I've seen a glass dip pen offered on Massdrop in the 2+ years I've been on here. They're obviously not the most practical but I think they add a nice touch to anyone's writing or art supplies collection.


This is a poll I made quite a while back that's very close to 200 votes, that is, if you're interested in Massdrop offering one of these: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/j-herbin-dip-pens


I'd also appreciate any comments; do you think dip pens are practical or useless?
Here's a video that demonstrates using a dip pen:

I really love using glass dip pens to sample ink and I would buy one for just that purpose. aside from that, I've found that they're not too practical for me.
Dip pens have been offered several times as part of calligraphy or lettering kits. And frankly that's the only place they belong. They are your only option when you need to work with difficult inks such as acrylics and glaze inks..
I should have been more clear: I'm referring to glass dip pens, I've seen other types (such as metal nib dip pens) in calligraphy set drops.
Glass nibs are known to be exceptionally smooth. They don't have to be dip pens, however. See the Wink pen for instance: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/wink-pen The idea is nothing new; during WW2, because of metal scarcity, glass fountain pens became quite common. As for glass dip pens, I guess, the above still applies.