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Sep 25, 2018
Dallas Pen Show this weekend!
Sep 1, 2018
Any pen shows in Sydney?
Aug 26, 2018
My haul from the show:
One-of-a-kind hand made black celluloid from Carolina Pen Company, fitted with JoWo 1.1 stub. I came across this pen at last year’s show, and I’m glad that it was still available. It was meant to be. It was also a pleasure working with Jonathon Brooks, highly reommended.
The second pen is green and yellow ebonite blow filler fitted with a John Holland vintage Fine nib, from Peyton Street Pens. I wasn’t looking for vintage gear, never heard of John Holland, and didn’t find the color combination attractive. Once I tried writing with it, the way it held in my hand and the beautiful line variation I saw in my writing, I couldn’t let it go.
I also bought a stash of Private Reserve inks.
I wanted to identify what my Grail Pen should be, so I tried out the Sailor King of Pens and hung out at the booth featuring all Nakaya pens. Well, it certainly didn’t help me narrow things down.
Other noteworthy mentions: You probably knew about this already, but Jim Rouse from Franklin-Christoph has passed away. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year when I bought my F-C, and watching him prepare my purchase was a learning experience. As a result the S.I.G. Nibs are no longer available, but they may be sold at a fund raising auction for his family.
Vendors are meeting our demand for flexible writing indifferent ways. I tried out the latest from Pineider, a flex nib with elongated tines. Because of the extra length, it will take some practice and getting used to.
At your next show look for Ralph Reyes of Regalia Writing Labs. He makes the Cross Flex nib used in the Additive Pens that @Theroc is lusting after. He is constantly refining that design, and I had a lot of fun with it. You can really apply pressure and create crazy-wide lines. Best of all I really enjoyed talking to him, and to try out some of his other outrageous multi-nib creations.
Well, that’s it, just was there for a day. If you plan on going next year, drop me a line.
Thanks for the report. That was a fun read.
I'm glad Reyes and Regalia have a presence at the show. We need more innovators like this.
Aug 23, 2018
2018 San Francisco Pen Show this weekend! Who’s going?
Aug 16, 2017
This is fantastic. Thanks for this! We (as a team) are definitely going to the SF show, and may even go to the one in Dallas. Do you know about that one?
Event: Dallas Pen Show 2017 Date: September 8th and 9th Venue: Doubletree Hotel Dallas (near the Galleria) For more info:
Yes sure. I didn't want to post too far in advance. That's how I missed posting on the Washington D.C. Supershow. And I was hoping others would chip in :D
Event: 2017 San Francisco International Pen Show Date: Saturday 08/25/2017 Venue: Hotel Pullman San Francisco Bay For more info:
Aug 18, 2017
Who else is going to make it to this one?!
Aug 20, 2017
I am...
Event: 5th Annual Northwest Pen Round-Up! Date: Saturday 07/15/2017 Venue: Lucky Labrador Brewing Co. Portland, Oregon For more info: