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The PS1 CD player

I know that this is (rightfully) not considered audiophile by many people but I still lacked a CD player for my setup and decided to settle with a PS1. Not because I consider it to be "as good as any player below 2000$" like some people claim, but because it is cheap, moddable and sounds well enough (for now).
I'm already onto some changes such as spray painting the case and installing an internal infrared receiver.
Now, my problem is that most people doing similar projects are pretty esoteric, and many articles are written in a way where the easy steps (opening the console) are explained in detail and the harder ones (eg. replacing the cinch connectors) are not. So I'm not sure which modifications are helpful and which just increase the danger of me breaking something.
My main questions are:
  • Does modifying the PSU make sense when I already have the metal slid on the reading-head?
  • Or will it really make a difference to put it into its own enclosure?
  • Does replacing the six resistors right below the sound processing chip and removing the BIOS modchip (was pre-installed when I got it) improve audio or just destroy the potential of gaming on it?
  • Is there a good affordable manufacturer for female cinch connectors? I only found "high end" cheapo ones
I'm looking forward to discussing some of these (and maybe more) points and if anyone is interested I'll post some photos/impressions when I'm done with the cosmetic and non-cosmetic changes.


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