Full Aluminum Keycap Set
Hey fellow Key cap enthusiasts! As of now I am working on bringing a full sized 104 key aluminum key cap set to market. Each key would be individual milled to ensure maximum quality. I am interested to know how many of you are interested and what you would be willing to pay for the set. It will probably go for around $1,900 (EDIT: now my goal is $600 to $800) Do you think that is too high or am I undercutting myself. To tide you over till make a full set, here's a photo of an unfinished prototype.
(The final design will have a mat finish)
Edit: New photo of latest key design

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Apr 16, 2020
Any way you would be able to sell just a single 1u keycap? Looking for a cool escape key.
Jun 5, 2019
Update! I've kinda had this project on hold for a long while but I'm starting to get things rolling again. I've created parts for the new work holding system that let's me start with less material per key and reduce the time it takes to cut each key. My new goal is to reduce the price of each set to 500 dollars or less. To answer some questions, yes I plan on making some out of other materials (I haven't yet dew to costs). Also it I'd true that if I went with one profile it would reduce the amount of work I would need to design the keys, it would be the same amount of work to make each key. Because this isn't my job I can afford to take the extra time to make the set the best it can be. Pictured below is the mold I'm using to create some rubber gaskets for the new work holding system. Hopefully I can update you all soon!

Dec 16, 2019
Did this project die out ? Im looking to get a set of 8 metal keycaps and cant really seem to find any in places besides aliexpress and i would prefer to get them from a better source
Jan 14, 2020
2020 any updates on pricing and availability? I'd love a set of 60 plus an aluminum spacebar. ūüėČ
250 - 300 USD and I'm in, Possibly 400 for Copper. I think just a sand blasted finish is fine, no need for letters.
Nov 25, 2019
Eh.. do you have any idea how much copper costs? (obviously not)
Nov 24, 2018
I'd love a set of bead/sand blasted or anodized aluminium keycaps, but $600-800USD is just far out of my realm of reasonable. I understand these things are difficult and expensive to manufacture in small volumes, but i wouldn't go past $200 tbh.
Nov 14, 2018
Have you considered doing this in copper or bronze? Copper and it's alloys have the added benefit of antimicrobial properties.
Jul 24, 2018
Honestly, i would pay up to 1000 if the sandy finish does not wear off and the letters/symbols on the keycaps were translucent.
Apr 6, 2018
@ReRamp A few thought as I am personally interested on these caps. 1. An 104 key set cost 600-800 is reasonable if the craftsmanship is to the most recent matte picture you posted, as well as the underside. 2. Legend: Offer full blank. Many people, include myself, will love to have engraved legend, but there will be a big debate on font, deep, and so on. Cost will fly again. 3. If offering full blank, things will simplify as 1u (all rows), 1.25u (row 4), 1.5u (row 4), 1.75u (row 3), 2u (row 3), 2.25u (row 3), 6.25 (row 4) and 7u (row 4). 4. We do love sculpted - cherry or SA will be your best bet - poll here might help some. 5. If sculpted is too much, universal R3 would be the best choice. 6. Hope there will be a run some day.
Mar 30, 2018
The costs are reasonably understandable considering machining costs and output volume. I am a huge fan of aluminium, particularly bead blasted finishes, but my personal budget wont stretch beyond 200usd unfortunately
Nov 29, 2017
Woof. I know that I personally won't be spending that much on a keycap set, but if there's one thing I'm sure of it's that someone would.
As another person mentioned though, would it be more cost effective to do a uniform profile like DSA?
Dec 7, 2017
Not really as tooling to mill the different profiles is all the same. The RnD at the moment is all being done out of pocket (for materials and tooling) All ready I have found ways to reduce the cost. I have not implemented them yet as I am still working to improve surface finish, but I am close to starting working on how to produce them. Here is a picture of the latest design.
Nov 29, 2017
Go for a uniform profile to get cost down.
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Nov 29, 2020