Rename "Ultralight" to "Backpacking"

Ultralight is a philosophy. The philosophy is about eliminating all unnecessary items and/or weight. The UL community on Massdrop has way too many items that are blatantly outside the UL philosophy. About half of the recent drops listed under "Ultralight" are, in my opinion, far from anything a ULer would bring on a trip.
Yes, you could have a couple non-UL items and still be under 15lbs BPW, I understand that. That's why UL is a philosophy. In my opinion it's a scummy marketing/PR decision to call the community "Ultralight" when there are so many items that are blatantly not intended for a UL audience. Lanterns, metal water bottles, knives, etc do not belong in Ultralight discussions, just to name a few.
I think Massdrop would better serve a wider audience if it renamed the current one to simply "Backpacking", OR created a separate one to keep the UL items together and the non-UL items somewhere I don't have to look at them. If there can be "Tech" and "Mech Keys", there can be "Backpacking" and "Ultralight".
For the record, Massdrop's own "Ultralight 101" states 10 lbs as the qualifying BPW for Ultralight. Just think about that for a second when you look at some of the items they list.

Dec 13, 2018
I am in agreement - I am oftentimes confused by all the random items thrown into some of the polls that have absolutely no correlation. That being said, the gear we take (or don't) very much depends on the now far, how long, how cold, is there water, etc. part of the trip. I can obviously be more luxurious (and I am) if I am camping out of my trunk at a park somewhere versus seriously hiking/backpacking. Price points would be nice as well. If someone wants to spend an extra $300 to save 5 ounces, then more power to them....that's not me, or most of us, I don't believe.
Dec 12, 2018
I agree, I would even go as far as calling it camping. I don't see many backpackers carrying chair and umbrella.
Mar 9, 2018
I thought this was obvious from day one. Ultra light is a form of backpacking and therefore fits nicely under the backpacking heading whereas backpacking constantly slips outside of the ultralight boundaries. Change the name what's the delay?
Feb 5, 2018
I agree
Aug 3, 2017
Let's call it "UltralightISH"!
Aug 3, 2017
I agree in principle with all the comments, I think "backpacking" is more generic and will attract more peopple, and clearly make more sense, considering there is ultralight and "normal" equipment that not necessarily is lightweight.
Saying that, Other option that is even more sense to me at least is to reclassify the gear that is really ultralight and put the other in "outdoor", after all ultralight is a filosofy and subcategory of outdoor activities related to backpacking with barebone and lightweight gear.
That was my 2 cents ;-)
May 12, 2017
i totally agree. to me, ultralight is a flying contraption.
Aug 3, 2017
Ya some fabric with a fan on the back. I don't ever see any of those in the Ultralight category.
Apr 28, 2017
As a mid 50's backpacker you'd think I'd be all over the UL philosophy. I'm just kinda meh about it. What I do like and why I joined the community is because I'm always open to new technology and how I can incorporate it into what I enjoy. I may never have a BPW of 10 -15 lbs. I may never want to. But if I can get insight, tips, tricks, and maybe even some exposure to cool gear that others have used and would allow me to pack the way I want to and shave some weight then I'm in. I would have joined the community if it was named "Backpacking" because it's what I enjoy and I'd want to be a part of it. I joined this community believing I'd learn more and get exposed to different gear and maybe see some of the gear I use. A name change ? nah, not for it.
Feb 4, 2017
Consider renaming this group "UL/SUL Backpacking."
Six years ago I stumbled into BackpacingLight while researching an AT thru hike. I embraced the concepts, but pushed back a little on some folks ideas like using ground clothes made from that flimsy plastic used to cover windows in winter - Tho I would do that for a weekend trip, I'd pack something more robust for a long-distance hike. So I generally consider requirements other than pure weight when making gear selections, but I am a gram-weenie.
The outdoors world IS made up of car campers, weekend campers, day-hikers, family backpackers, campers packing in to a fish camp, and long-distance hikers who only need the absolute minimum to eat, sleep, and to stay warm and hydrated. To paraphrase some wise guy, "Are you hiking to camp? Or hiking to hike?" I fall in the latter camp most of the time, and come here to look for deals on stuff that fits a requirements list driven primarily by weight reduction, tempered by build quality, and sometimes a wide range of weather potentialities.
I applaud your effort to create an Outdoors section, with UL as a subset. Crossmarketing between something that is appropriate for both the "UL/SUL Backpacking," and the wider "Outdoors" communities would draw wider participation to a drop, while not loading up this community with metal water bottles, heavy woodcraft knives, and waxed canvas messenger bags ... And perhaps that opens the doors to other subsets? Bikepacking, kayaking, fishing ...
See you on the trail, L Dog
Jan 31, 2017
Hey All - just wanted to let you know that we've been following this forum thread, the associated poll, and other source, and have heard you loud and clear. We are opening up an Outdoors Community, to exist alongside the UL Community. You can read my full post here:
And here is the discussion in Massdrop Hub around the launch of the Outdoors Community:
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