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Copper, Brass and Titanium pens

Anybody interested in a click pen machined from Copper, Brass or Titanium?
Would fit G2 pilot style cartridge and Parker style.
Brush or tumbled finishes. Maybe some anodized Titanium?


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I would be interested in a copper pen. Especially if it accepts fisher space pen refills.
I would love a titanium click pen, and I might buy a few of them (to give them as presents to my friends)
Those look nice! Sorry I'm new here, when would they come out & how much for a copper pen?
Love the copper and brass, oh shoot I like 'em all. I have a weakness for writing tools, fountain pens in particular. Will definitely be watching for these.
I think I’m in the minority but I like the idea of copper or brass - but would definitely consider a steel or titanium pen
G'wan, then. I'm always a sucker for a well-made "exotic" pen. These sound cool!
You might get more interest if you posted in the EDC Community. I asked a question on your Instagram account regarding a specific SS pen you have posted there.
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I'm not sure what your instagram account name is, but I replied to someone asking about SS versions. I have 2 parker ss 316, the clip version is a prototype. I'm waiting for more clips from the laser cutter, probably a few more weeks and they'll be ready.
Great! When they are ready, take a pic of them and post it here. Thanks!
I'd be very interested in a matte or brushed finished stainless steel version with a matching clip that takes standard Parker gel ballpoint refills. Extra weight is a plus in my book! Let me know how to obtain 1 or 2!
O.D. : .375 Length: Parker style refills 5.500" Length: Pilot g2 refill 5.990"
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It's not the schmidt pen mechanism is it?
Not the silver button version everyone uses.
No grooves, or maybe very subtle grooves. Like a Pentel S445. No stainless steel? Just suggestions.
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Really small grooves yes! Question, why are machined metal pens so heavy? Is it not possible to make thinner walls? My Stainless Steel Jotter is very light, tho I don't know how it's made, and I don't know how strong it is. But I have many steel pens of that type.
Your SS jotter is probably formed from a very thin tube. Mass production pen companies want to make pens really fast and cheap, so they stamp, form and mold parts to fit, Machined pens are cut, drilled and bored to size.
They will have a clip.
I would. I keep eyeing metal pens when they show here, but haven't bought one just yet.
Are you going to add a clip to these?