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Penbbs 469 Review

This is a fountain pen review from a first time user. I have been writing with the Kryptonite Green 469 for a week now and it has been a wonderful journey learning about fountain pens.
Inside the case was 2 nibs, a ballpoint tip, and eye dropper. The only problem I had with the pen itself was the ballpoint tip. While using Noodler's Apache Sunset, the ballpoint ink feed rate would cut out and stop writing (this issue might not happen with other inks since they are all so different). This issue did not occur when using the Apache Sunset with the nib. Noodler's Liberty's Elysium would gum up the nib. I would not recommend Liberty's Elysium for this pen. I replaced the Elysium with Pilot Kon-peki.
Final Thoughts I really like this pen. The build quality is nice, the threading for disassembly is convenient, it doesn't leak, and it writes really smooth if it's paired with certain ink. Having 2 nibs is a great feature because you can use different inks. I have seen the light. No more cheap gel and ink pens for me.
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Bam! Well done. Welcome to the world of fountain pens Eric.