Feedback: Shipping Preferences?
Just wondering what the community and Massdrop think of having shipping preferences. I would gladly pay extra for any of the following options:
  1. Select the shipping vendor of our choice. I absolutely hate that FedEx hands off my packages to USPS. I had a scheduled delivery that USPS failed to deliver which delayed it by 3 days. UPS is so much better so having the choice (even if it costs me more) would be REALLY nice.
  2. Select faster shipping options. Again, I would pay extra if we could get expedited shipping options for when our drops ship.
  3. Select signing options. I've had a couple packages stolen from my mailroom. I live in a multi-tenant apartment building and our mailboxes can't fit packages (and UPS/USPS/FedEx won't bring it to your door unless a signature is required) so I would love to have the option to enable required signature.
Any thoughts on this?
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