Feb 2, 2019144 views

HELP!! need help deciding between ad700x vs akg k702 for competitive console gaming

The headphone i currently own is the sennheiser hd 558, and i am looking to upgrade my headset to something better for fps competitive console gaming. Based on the research i've done is that the akg k702 would need something better to power it better. I am also looking for a good amp or dac for my headphone's. I've been looking at the creative sound blasterx g5 7.1 would that be any good for these headphones. The console i own is the xbox one.

i have had a pair of ad700's (non-x) for 9 years (egad! i never realised it was that long), and use them for desktop gaming occasionally, but mostly for listening to lossless flacs , more recently using a little cmoy (altoids) portable 9v amp the sound stage is excellent, and the bass enjoyable for me, but i am an acoustic / jazz / vocal / steely dan style listener, rather than a hip hop fan ymmv