Schiit audio on Massdrop and why its never gonna happen

Schiit audio is getting more and more polular these days and especially the cheap Amp/DAC combo - Magni 2, Modi 2 is requested frequently.
So why do i think its never gonna happen? Well, its all about how this unique company works. If you are interested in Schiit, there is a "book" or a series of articles over on head-fi called "Schiit Happened: 
The Story of the World’s Most Improbable Start-Up", written by a cofounder of Schiit - Jason Stoddard. Its really fun (and educational) to read, especially for those who have some engineering background.
Well i read most of it and there is a section in one chapter that describes their approach to sales:
"We put into place three policies that really, really simplify customer service. These are:
  1. No sales
  2. No hard-sell/audio fellatio
  3. No talking about other manufacturers’ products
About 15% of our emails are of the “can I get a better price” variety.
With no sales, no promos, no discounts, no loyalty program, the answer is easy.
In addition, we don’t have to have any staff to manage the sales, promos, discounts, loyalty program, and the resulting refunds, exchanges, special deals, stacked offers, etc. that go with it. The result is simple: less complexity, less staff, and lower prices for everyone.
Wait a sec? Lower prices? You’re asking. What about the sale prices?
Yeah, and what about the necessarily higher price you need as a baseline if you’re going to do sales? Or the necessarily higher price you need for the staff you need to deal with sales, promos, and loyalty programs? Lowest complexity equals lowest price for everyone—and nobody thinking they got screwed because they missed the sale. That’s a win-win—lower cost and higher customer satisfaction.
Aside: with respect to sales, I can’t say this more strongly: DON’T. EVER. Or you’ll become addicted to them. They will never end. "
So with this comming from one of the founders of Schiit its very unlikely we will ever see anything from them on Massdrop. And you know what? I'm glad it is this way. They do something, they do it good, have a unique approach and stand by it. And from my personal expirience, just buy that Schiit. Its worth it.
Here is a link to the thread on head-fi. The quote i mentioned here is in Chapter 29: Worst. Customer. Ever.

Jul 15, 2016
Sounds like they'll be no Schiit here :)
Jul 13, 2016
I buy B-stock from them regularly. I do love these guys and totally respect their 0 sale/group-but business model, they have earned that respect by making such a good budget through top tier audiophile line of products. The nifty trick about B-stock is that it includes returns which are actually w/o cosmetic imperfections. They could sell a group-but exclusive, but it would be along the lines of Massdrop or another community gets first taste, not that it would only ever be available through that site.
Jul 12, 2016
You could always get a B- stock item directly from them. Keep checking the item you're interested in. They come up fairly frequently. I'd love for them to do an exclusive drop of one of their products in black. People would grab something like that in a flash. However, since they're still a small company, it's very unlikely.
Jul 9, 2016
They don't necessarily have to have a sale, they could do an exclusive ala Hifiman with their HE-350:)
That would require that they go out of their way to make an exclusive product that they cannot sell away from Massdrop. Given their volumes and how busy they are, I just don't see that making good business sense for them.
Jul 9, 2016
A massdrop exclusive with different coloured LEDs. It'll sell like hotcakes!