Sound dampening headphones

Let me preface this by stating I'm not an audiophile, so please bear with me while I try to describe what I'm looking for...there's probably a super-basic solution for me, I'm just not aware yet.
My 8 year old daughter has recently taken up playing drums (which by the way is adorable), and she needs to be able to play along with some music. When she plays, I insist on her wearing hearing protection. Her little ears aren't good for in-ear plugs, so she wears some of my bulky ear protection intended for shooting.
What I'm looking for is a pair of good (not great) headphones that provide maximum db reduction to her loud drums. I get awfully confused when looking through the descriptions regarding "noise cancelling" phones, since in my world of shooting, that is a description of actively cutting amplified sound when noise over a certain db is sensed.
Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Jul 31, 2017
You can get headphones specifically for drummers. Check out the offerings at The staff there are top-notch, and can help you find the right headphones for the job.
I'm glad you're thinking about your daughter's ears. Two of my friends are drummers, and both of them damaged their ears before they wised up. You're on the right track.
Aug 1, 2017
Thanks Tom. I checked out sweetwater, and it looks like they have some good studio headphones. As if Massdrop doesn't cause enough problems with my pocketbook, theres enough cool stuff on that site to send me to the poor house.
I did forget to mention that Bluetooth would be really great if they're out there, since she's likely to get tangled up in cables with a wired pair.