Anne Pro 2 60% RGB vs Ducky One 2 Mini

I've recently been looking into buying a new keyboard and I have narrowed it down to 2 boards, the Ducky One 2 Mini and the Anne Pro 2. I am going to use the keyboard for Fortnite primarily as well as browsing the internet here and there. I most likely won't be using the bluetooth feature on the Anne Pro if that factors in any way. If anyone can help me make a decision I will greatly appreciate it!


Apr 4, 2019
I'm looking at both of these keyboards as well. I'm swaying slightly towards the Ducky One 2 Mini, but not digging the white case. Do they make an all black version?
Dec 17, 2020
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Mar 8, 2019
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Feb 19, 2019 has the ducky one 2 mini in stock right now. And bang usually always has both the Anne Pro2 and the AKko x Ducky one 2 mini (AKko is just the name of the distributor who makes ducky keyboards). I got my ducky for $86 and my Anne pro 2 for $71. But personally I'd recommend the ducky, but make sure you have researched 60% and know that they don't have physical arrow keys etc but still can do everything a full size can do plus more with a bit of learning.
Feb 14, 2019
If you want one of these, you should go to Gearbest.
Feb 7, 2019
As someone who has purchased both of these keyboards I feel I may be able to offer some insight. 1st things 1st if you're looking for the smallest form factor than you'll probably want to go with the Anne pro 2. The ducky one 2 is about half an inch longer than the anne pro 2. Another major difference is the ducky is always shipped with Cherry MX switches. Which isn't a bad thing but if you would prefer a different switch than the anne pro is for you. The anne pro 2 usually comes with Gaterons which are a clone to the Cherry MXs but it is commonly accepted that gaterons are more smooth. The ducky feels like it is made with slightly cheaper plastic as when you apply force the body does tend to flex whereas the Anne pro 2 does not. When it comes to RGB customization I feel the ducky has a leg up. It may just be user error for me but the Anne pro 2 software was hard to learn. Also the Anne pro 2 uses software to allow you to keep the functionality of the arrow keys and the ducky does not. Another thing to consider is the fact that the ducky is imported from Taiwan and is not available through most resellers. The Anne Pro 2 however can be found on amazon and fulfilled through Amazon prime. Ultimately they are both very great keyboards with very few differences. When people ask my opinion I generally offer the anne pro 2 as the better option at least here in the states simply because of the amazon prime option. Ultimately the 2 keyboards are VERY similar with only the key switches being the main difference. If you like cherry MX than go with the ducky.
Feb 12, 2019
Also I looked on Amazon and other sites and the Anne is sold out. I cannot find any dates for when they are getting restocked. Do you have any idea when?
Feb 12, 2019
Unfortunately I cannot offer any insight on when amazon will restock the anne pro 2, however I can attest to the ship time of the ducky as it's the only reason I even bought the anne pro 2, having to wait 1-2 months is a major pain IMHO